Family: Theridiidae Sundevall,1833 [] Back

Gen. Parasteatoda Archer , 1946 [ ]
Genus comment: P. Archer, 1946: 38 (described as a subgenus of Theridion Walckenaer, 1805; elevated to genus by Archer, 1950: 13), type Theridion tepidariorum C. L. Koch, 1841; removed from the synonymy of Achaearanea Strand, 1929 by Saaristo, 2006: 69, contra Levi, 1955a: 6.
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Archer, 1946: 38
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Archer, A. F. (1946). The Theridiidae or comb-footed spiders of Alabama. Museum Paper, Alabama Museum of Natural History 22: 1-67. download pdf

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