Family: Araneidae Clerck,1757 [] Back

Gen. Neoscona Simon , 1864 [ ]
N.B.: listed by Roewer as a synonym of Araneus Clerck, 1757, but accepted by all recent authors; considered a senior synonym of Chinestela Chamberlin, 1924 by Archer, 1958: 17; of Cubanella Franganillo, 1926 by Franganillo, 1936c: 76 (by transfer of type species); and of Afraranea Archer, 1951a: 21, type Araneus sanguipes Thorell, 1899 (but based on a misidentification by Archer of N. penicillipes) but not of Eriovixia Archer, 1951 (contra Berman & Levi, 1971: 469) by Grasshoff, 1986: 4.
Status: accepted
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Simon, 1864: 261 (type Epeira arabesca Walckenaer, 1841, fixed by F. O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1904: 466)
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8nomen dubium
1homonym replaced

Simon, E. (1864). Histoire naturelle des araignées (aranéides). Paris, 540 pp. doi:10.5962/bhl.title.47654 download pdf download pdf

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