Family: Thomisidae Sundevall,1833 [] Back

Gen. Phrynarachne Thorell , 1869 [ ]
NB: After Lehtinen, 2016: 152 ('an application to validate the younger name is in preparation') a junior synonym of Botryogaster Doleschall, 1859 (not followed here). The genus Cladonotula Strand, 1929 is regarded as a sister group of Phrynarachne by Lehtinen, 2016: 152 (not followed here). Cladonotula Strand, 1929: 17 is a replacement name for Cladonotus Thorell, 1877a: 306, preoccupied by Cladonotus Saussure, 1812 in Orthoptera. Cladonotus Thorell, 1877 was synonymyzed with Phrynarachne by Petrunkevitch, 1928: 215.
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Thorell, 1869: 37 (replacement name for Phrynoides Simon, 1864: 437)
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2nomen nudum
1nomen dubium

Thorell, T. (1869). On European spiders. Part I. Review of the European genera of spiders, preceded by some observations on zoological nomenclature. Nova Acta Regiae Societatis Scientiarum Upsaliensis (3) 7: 1-108. download pdf

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