Family: Trachycosmidae Platnick,2002 [] Back

Gen. Fissarena Henschel, Davies & Dickman , 1995 [ ]
N.B.: described only as a member of "the superfamily Clubionoidea";  tentatively placed in Liocranidae because of the cylindrical gland spigots and scopular hairs of females (Platnick, 1998: 697); transferred to the Trochanteriidae by Platnick, 2002: 181 and to the Trachycosmidae by Azevedo et al., 2022: 11.
Status: accepted
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Henschel, Davies & Dickman, 1995: 138 (type Fissarena ethabuka Henschel, Davies & Dickman, 1995; gender feminine)
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Henschel, J. R., Davies, V. T. & Dickman, C. R. (1995). The slit spider (Araneae: Clubionoidea) that constructs fissures in the sand dunes of the Simpson Desert, central Australia. Journal of Natural History 29(1): 137-145. doi:10.1080/00222939500770071 download pdf

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2022-01-05 Genus transferred to other family Azevedo et al., 2022 Fissarena Henschel, Davies & Dickman, 1995 transferred to Trachycosmidae