Family: Liphistiidae Thorell,1869 [] Back

Gen. Sinothela Haupt , 2003 [ ]
N.B.: removed from the synonymy of Heptathela Kishida, 1923 by Xu et al., 2015: 137, contra Schwendinger & Ono, 2011: 601; placed as a junior S of Songthela in an earlier version of the catalog; nomen dubium by Xu et al., 2022: 152, but no information given where the male could belong to.
Status: nomen dubium
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Haupt, 2003: 69 (type Heptathela sinensis Bishop & Crosby, 1932; gender feminine)
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Haupt, J. (2003). The Mesothelae -- a monograph of an exceptional group of spiders (Aaneae: Mesothelae): (Morphology, behaviour, ecology, taxonomy, distribution and phylogeny). Zoologica 154: 1-102. download pdf

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Date Type Reference Detail
2022-01-13 Taxon is nomen dubium Xu et al., 2022 Sinothela Haupt, 2003 declared a nomen dubium
2015-05-04 Genus updated Xu et al., 2015a Removed synonymy (Old value)