Family: Barychelidae Simon,1889 [] Back

Gen. Cyphonisia Simon , 1889 [ ]
N.B.: considered a senior synonym of Pisenorodes Pocock, 1898 and Pisenorina Benoit, 1966c: 214, type Pisenor maculatus Roewer, 1953 by Raven, 1985a: 112, as well as the correct position of all described species of Pisenor Simon, 1889 except its type species, P. notius Simon, 1888.
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Simon, 1889h
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1nomen dubium

Simon, E. (1889h). Descriptions d'espèces africaines nouvelles de la famille des Aviculariidae. Actes de la Société Linnéenne de Bordeaux 42: 405-415. download pdf

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