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Gen. Padillothorax Simon , 1901 [ ]
N.B.: considered a junior synonym of Stagetillus Simon, 1885 by Prószyński, 1987: 104 (by transfer of the type species Padillothorax semiostrinus Simon, 1901); Prószyński, 2017b: 26 revalidated Padillothorax, but not including P. semiostrinus, which was invalid; Prószyński, 2018b: 174 revalidated Padillothorax inclusively its type species; considered a junior synonym of Bavirecta Kanesharatnam & Benjamin, 2018: 3 [] (type B. flavopuncta Kanesharatnam & Benjamin, 2018) by Maddison, in Maddison et al., 2020b: 65.
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Simon, 1901k: 70 (type Padillothorax semiostrinus Simon, 1901; gender masculine)
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Simon, E. (1901k). On the Arachnida collected during the Skeat expedition to the Malay Peninsula. Proceedings of the Zoological Society of London 71(1): 45-84. doi:10.1111/j.1469-7998.1901.tb08164.x download pdf

Edit history
Date Type Reference Detail
2020-12-18 Genus synonymy Maddison et al., 2020b Bavirecta synonymized with Padillothorax
2018-04-27 Genus updated Prószyński, 2018b Removed synonymy (Old value)