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Gen. Acanthoneta Eskov & Marusik , 1992 [ ]
N.B.: described as a subgenus of Poeciloneta, elevated to genus by Sun, Marusik & Tu, 2014: 88, after Saaristo & Tanasevitch, 1996b: 175, who provided no evidence to justify the elevation; the re-synonymization with Poeciloneta, proposed by Breitling, 2019b: 29, is not accepted here as it is based mainly on COI (see FAQ 7).
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Eskov & Marusik, 1992b: 34 (type Poeciloneta agressus (Chamberlin & Ivie, 1943))
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Eskov, K. Y. & Marusik, Y. M. (1992b). On the mainly Siberian spider genera Wubanoides, Parawubanoides gen.n. and Poeciloneta (Aranei Linyphiidae). Arthropoda Selecta 1(1): 21-38. download pdf

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2014-03-04 New genus inserted Eskov & Marusik, 1992b n/a