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Gen. Spiracme Menge , 1876 [ ]
N.B.: Synonymized with Xysticus by S of the type species by Bösenberg, 1902: 342, revalidated and re-defined by Breitling, 2019a: 202, 203 (includes the durus and nigromaculatus groups of Xysticus), see also Lehtinen, 2002: 321.
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Menge, 1876: (type Spiracme striata Menge, 1876, syn. of Xysticus striatipes L. Koch, 1870)
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Menge, A. (1876). Preussische Spinnen. VIII. Fortsetzung. Schriften der Naturforschenden Gesellschaft in Danzig (N. F.) 3: 423-454. download pdf

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