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Gen. Paracedicus Fet , 1993 [ ]
N.B.: Described as a subgenus of Cedicus, elevated to genus by Marusik & Guseinov, 2003: 32. Transferred to Desidae by Zamani & Marusik, 2017: 320, which is not followed here, because it does not fit with the geographical range given by Wheeler et al., 2017: 608 and the subfamilies defined there.
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Fet, 1993: 70 (type Cedicus ephthalitus Fet, 1993)
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Fet, V. (1993). The spider genus Cedicus Simon 1875 (Arachnida Aranei Agelenidae) from Middle Asia. Arthropoda Selecta 2(1): 69-75. download pdf

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