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Gen. Asiabadus Roewer , 1961 [ ]
Genus comment: A. Roewer, 1961c: 25, type A. hamiger Roewer, 1961; N.B.: in Roewer (1961c) this generic name was spelled Asiadabus twice (in the generic and species headings, both on p. 25) and Asiabadus three times (in the key, p. 21, and legends, pp. 25, 33); as the genus was named for the type locality (Asiabad, Afghanistan), there is little doubt that Asiabadus was the intended spelling.
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Roewer, 1961c: 25
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Roewer, C. F. (1961c). Araneae Dionycha aus Afghanistan I. Acta Universitatis Lundensis (N.F.) (2) 58(3): 1-33. download pdf

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