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Levi, H. W. (2005a). The orb-weaver genus Mangora of Mexico, Central America, and the West Indies (Araneae: Araneidae). Bulletin of the Museum of Comparative Zoology 158: 139-182. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Mangora acaponeta Araneidae 156, f. 57-61 (Df) Mangora acaponeta
Mangora amchickeringi Araneidae 160, f. 80-90 (Dmf) Mangora amchickeringi
Mangora bimaculata Araneidae 175, f. 193-199 (mf) Mangora bimaculata
Mangora calcarifera Araneidae 150, f. 20-29 (mf) Mangora calcarifera
Mangora campeche Araneidae 166, f. 136-139 (Df) Mangora campeche
Mangora candida Araneidae 170, f. 164-170 (mf) Mangora candida
Mangora chicanna Araneidae 172, f. 175-181 (Dmf) Mangora chicanna
Mangora corcovado Araneidae 179, f. 215-218 (Df) Mangora corcovado
Mangora craigae Araneidae 147, f. 8-13 (Dmf) Mangora craigae
Mangora decolorata Araneidae 142 (unrecognizable = nomen dubium) Mangora decolorata
Mangora distincta Araneidae 158, f. 71-79 (m, Df) Mangora distincta
Mangora falconae Araneidae 178, f. 208-214 (f, Dm) Mangora falconae
Mangora fascialata Araneidae 162, f. 97-103 (mf) Mangora fascialata
Mangora fortuna Araneidae 166, f. 131-135 (Df) Mangora fortuna
Mangora gibberosa Araneidae 161, f. 91-96 (mf) Mangora gibberosa
Mangora goodnightorum Araneidae 168, f. 140-143 (Df) Mangora goodnightorum
Mangora itza Araneidae 154, f. 48-56 (Dmf) Mangora itza
Mangora ixtapan Araneidae 170, f. 157-163 (Dmf) Mangora ixtapan
Mangora melanocephala Araneidae 151, f. 30-47 (mf, S) Mangora melanocephala
Mangora mobilis Araneidae 156, f. 62-70 (mf) Mangora mobilis
Mangora montana Araneidae 146, f. 1-7 (mf) Mangora montana
Mangora nahuatl Araneidae 165, f. 121-125 (Df) Mangora nahuatl
Mangora oaxaca Araneidae 165, f. 116-120 (Df) Mangora oaxaca
Mangora passiva Araneidae 169, f. 148-156 (mf, S) Mangora passiva
Mangora pia Araneidae 176, f. 200-207 (mf, S) Mangora pia
Mangora picta Araneidae 148, f. 14-19 (m, Sf) Mangora picta
Mangora placida Araneidae 164, f. 110-115 (mf) Mangora placida
Mangora purulha Araneidae 174, f. 182-188 (Dmf) Mangora purulha
Mangora schneirlai Araneidae 175, f. 189-192 (f) Mangora schneirlai
Mangora spiculata Araneidae 164, f. 104-109 (mf) Mangora spiculata
Mangora sufflava Araneidae 172, f. 171-174 (m) Mangora sufflava
Mangora vito Araneidae 168, f. 144-147 (Df) Mangora vito
Mangora volcan Araneidae 165, f. 126-130 (Df) Mangora volcan
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