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Ono, H. & Martens, J. (2005). Crab spiders of the families Thomisidae and Philodromidae (Arachnida: Araneae) from Iran. Acta Arachnologica 53(2, for 2004): 109-124. [publ. in March 2005] doi:10.2476/asjaa.53.109 download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Heriaeus spinipalpus Thomisidae 121, f. 71-74 (f) Heriaeus spinipalpus
Ozyptila claveata Thomisidae 120, f. 58-64 (mf) Ozyptila nigrita
Ozyptila lutosa Thomisidae 121, f. 68-70 (Df) Ozyptila lutosa
Ozyptila makidica Thomisidae 120, f. 65-67 (Df) Ozyptila makidica
Philodromus cespitum Philodromidae 123, f. 82-83 (f) Philodromus cespitum
Philodromus emarginatus Philodromidae 123, f. 84-85 (m) Philodromus emarginatus
Philodromus longipalpis Philodromidae 123, f. 80-81 (f) Philodromus longipalpis
Psammitis ninnii fusciventris Thomisidae 110, f. 5-12 (mf) Xysticus ninnii fusciventris
Runcinia grammica Thomisidae 121, f. 75-77 (m), Runcinia lateralis
Thomisus onustus Thomisidae 123, f. 78-79 (m) Thomisus hilarulus
Tmarus stellio Thomisidae 110, f. 1-4 (mf) Tmarus stellio
Xysticus cristatus Thomisidae 114, f. 24-25 (m) Xysticus cristatus
Xysticus gallicus Thomisidae 114, f. 30-36 (mf) Xysticus gallicus
Xysticus kochi Thomisidae 114, f. 26-29 (m) Xysticus kochi
Xysticus kulczynskii Thomisidae 118, f. 49-52 (m) Xysticus kulczynskii
Xysticus logunovi Thomisidae 116, f. 37-48 (Dmf; replacement name needed) Xysticus logunovi
Xysticus marusiki Thomisidae 112, f. 13-23 (Dmf) Xysticus marusiki
Xysticus pieperi Thomisidae 118, f. 53-57 (Dm) Xysticus pieperi
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