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Tang, G. M., Song, D. X. & Zhu, M. S. (2005). A review of the spiders of the genus Clubiona Latreille, 1804 (Araneae: Clubionidae) from Inner Mongolia, China. Pan-Pacific Entomologist 81: 76-93. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Bucliona jucunda Clubionidae 82, f. 6A-E (mf) Clubiona jucunda
Clubiona falcata Clubionidae 77, f. 1A-C (Dm; N.B.: spelled C. falcate in heading and abstract, this way in legend and key, etymology indicates this spelling is correct) Clubiona falcata
Clubiona haupti Clubionidae 78, f. 2A-C (Df) Clubiona haupti
Clubiona interjecta Clubionidae 79, f. 3A-E (mf) Clubiona interjecta
Clubiona irinae Clubionidae 80, f. 4A-C (f) Clubiona irinae
Clubiona japonicola Clubionidae 81, f. 5A-C (f) Clubiona japonicola
Clubiona neglecta Clubionidae 83, f. 7A-C (f) Clubiona neglecta
Clubiona odesanensis Clubionidae 84, f. 8A-C (m) Clubiona odesanensis
Clubiona papillata Clubionidae 85, f. 9A-F (mf) Clubiona papillata
Clubiona phragmitis Clubionidae 86, f. 10A-C (m) Clubiona phragmitis
Clubiona qini Clubionidae 87, f. 11A-C (Dm) Clubiona qini
Clubiona riparia Clubionidae 88, f. 12A-E (mf, S) Clubiona riparia
Clubiona semicircularis Clubionidae 89, f. 13A-C (Dm) Clubiona semicircularis
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