Included taxa

Ubick, D. (2005). New genera and species of cribellate coelotine spiders from California (Araneae: Amaurobiidae). Proceedings of the California Academy of Sciences 56: 305-336. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Amaurobius fenestralis Amaurobiidae 315, f. 8a, 19a-d (m) Amaurobius fenestralis
Cavernocymbium prentoglei Macrobunidae 311, f. 3b, 6a-d, 8e, 13a-b, 14a-b, 17a-d (Dmf) Cavernocymbium prentoglei
Cavernocymbium vetteri Macrobunidae 310, f. 2a-b, 3a, 8d, 11a-b, 12a-b, 16a-d (Dmf) Cavernocymbium vetteri
Draconarius aspinatus Agelenidae 315, f. 20c-d (m) Draconarius aspinatus
Parazanomys thyasionnes Macrobunidae 307, f. 1, 4, 5a-d, 8c, 9a-b, 10a-d, 15a-d, 20a-b (Dmf) Parazanomys thyasionnes
Zanomys californica Macrobunidae 306, f. 7a-d, 8b, 18a-d (mf) Zanomys californica
Genus Family Page
Cavernocymbium Ubick, 2005 Macrobunidae 309
Parazanomys Ubick, 2005 Macrobunidae 306