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Agnarsson, I. (2006b). A revision of the New World eximius lineage of Anelosimus (Araneae, Theridiidae) and a phylogenetic analysis using worldwide exemplars. Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society 146(4): 453-593. doi:10.1111/j.1096-3642.2006.00213.x download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Anelosimus analyticus Theridiidae 479, f. 1A-E, 2A-F, 3A-G (mf) Anelosimus analyticus
Anelosimus arizona Theridiidae 490, f. 19A-E, 20A-F, 21A-G, 22A-H (Dmf) Anelosimus arizona
Anelosimus ata Theridiidae 582, f. 55B (f, misidentified) Anelosimus may
Anelosimus baeza Theridiidae 495, f. 27A-M, 28A-F, 29A-F, 30A-E, 31A-F, 32A-G, 57D, G (Dmf) Anelosimus baeza
Anelosimus biglebowski Theridiidae 583, f. 56G (m) Anelosimus biglebowski
Anelosimus chickeringi Theridiidae 480, f. 1F-J, 4A-F, 5A-F (mf) Anelosimus chickeringi
Anelosimus domingo Theridiidae 482, f. 7A-D, 8A-F, 9A-F, 10A-F (mf) Anelosimus domingo
Anelosimus dubiosus Theridiidae 485, f. 7K-P, 13A-F, 14A-G, 15A-G (mf) Anelosimus dubiosus
Anelosimus elegans Theridiidae 502, f. 44A-E, 45A-F, 46A-F (Dm, f, removed from S of A. studiosus , replacement name) Anelosimus elegans
Anelosimus ethicus Theridiidae 582, f. 55A, 57C (mf) Anelosimus ethicus
Anelosimus eximius Theridiidae 486, f. 16A-E, 17A-F, 18A-G, 57E-F (mf) Anelosimus eximius
Anelosimus fasciatus Theridiidae 513 (removed from S of Anelosimus studiosus, nomen dubium) Anelosimus fasciatus
Anelosimus fraternus Theridiidae 511, f. 49K-N (removed m from S, Df) Anelosimus fraternus
Anelosimus guacamayos Theridiidae 504, f. 44F-O, 47A-F, 48A-F (Dmf) Anelosimus guacamayos
Anelosimus jabaquara Theridiidae 484, f. 7E-J, 11A-G, 12A-G (mf) Anelosimus jabaquara
Anelosimus jucundus Theridiidae 492, f. 19F-I, 23A-F, 24A-F (mf) Anelosimus jucundus
Anelosimus nelsoni Theridiidae 584, f. 57A (m) Anelosimus nelsoni
Anelosimus nigrescens Theridiidae 584, f. 57B (m) Anelosimus nigrescens
Anelosimus nigrobaricus Theridiidae 512 (nomen dubium) Anelosimus nigrobaricus
Anelosimus octavius Theridiidae 494, f. 19J-N, 25A-F, 26A-G, 56H (Dmf) Anelosimus octavius
Anelosimus oritoyacu Theridiidae 501, f. 35G-J, 39A-F, 40A-F, 41A-G (Dmf) Anelosimus oritoyacu
Anelosimus pacificus Theridiidae 481, f. 1K-O, 6A-F (mf) Anelosimus pacificus
Anelosimus pantanal Theridiidae 510, f. 49G-J, 52A-F, 53A-H, 54A-H (Dmf) Anelosimus pantanal
Anelosimus puravida Theridiidae 498, f. 27N-Q, 33A-F, 34A-G (Dmf) Anelosimus puravida
Anelosimus rupununi Theridiidae 583, f. 56F (m) Anelosimus rupununi
Anelosimus salaensis Theridiidae 513 (nomen dubium) Anelosimus salaensis
Anelosimus sordidus Theridiidae 513 (removed from S of Anelosimus studiosus, nomen dubium) Anelosimus sordidus
Anelosimus studiosus Theridiidae 502, f. 35K-Q, 42A-F, 43A-H (Dmf) [] Anelosimus tungurahua
Anelosimus studiosus Theridiidae 505, f. 49A-F, 50A-H, 51A-F (mf) Anelosimus studiosus
Anelosimus tosus Theridiidae 499, f. 35A-F, 36A-F, 37A-F, 38A-G (f, Dm) Anelosimus tosum
Argyrodes argyrodes Theridiidae 582, f. 55D (m) Argyrodes argyrodes
Chrosiothes episinoides Theridiidae 512 (Tmf from Kochiura) Chrosiothes episinoides
Enoplognatha ovata Theridiidae 582, f. 55C, 56D (m) Enoplognatha ovata
Kochiura aulica Theridiidae 582, f. 55F (m) Kochiura aulica
Kochiura rosea Theridiidae 583, f. 56B (m) Kochiura rosea
Parasteatoda tepidariorum Theridiidae 583, f. 56D (m) Achaearanea tepidariorum
Stemmops osorno Theridiidae 512 (Tm from Anelosimus) Stemmops osorno
Styposis camoteensis Theridiidae 512 (Tmf from Anelosimus) Styposis camoteensis
Styposis tepus Theridiidae 512 (Tf from Anelosimus) Styposis tepus
Theridion varians Theridiidae 583, f. 56E (m) Theridion varians
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