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Bennett, R. G. (2006). Ontogeny, variation and synonymy in North American Cybaeus spiders (Araneae: Cybaeidae). The Canadian Entomologist 138(4): 473-492. doi:10.4039/n06-804 download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Cybaeus adenes Cybaeidae 479, f. 17-20 (f, Dm) Cybaeus adenes
Cybaeus bulbosus Cybaeidae 480, f. 5-6, 21, 22 (mf, S of Cybaeus exlineae) Cybaeus bulbosus
Cybaeus consocius Cybaeidae 481, f. 23-25 (f, S of Cybaeus angelus and C. marinensis) Cybaeus consocius
Cybaeus cribelloides Cybaeidae 482, f. 26-27 (f, S of Cybaeus hystrix) Cybaeus cribelloides
Cybaeus eutypus Cybaeidae 483, f. 28-30 (f, S of Cybaeus janus) Cybaeus eutypus
Cybaeus giganteus Cybaeidae 484, f. 31-34, 37 (mf) Cybaeus giganteus
Cybaeus grizzlyi Cybaeidae 485, f. 40-43 (mf, S of Cybaeus adenoides) Cybaeus grizzlyi
Cybaeus multnoma Cybaeidae 477, f. 4, 11-12 (f) Cybaeus multnoma
Cybaeus patritus Cybaeidae 487, f. 35, 38 (removed mf from S) Cybaeus patritus
Cybaeus reducens Cybaeidae 479, f. 13-16 (f) Cybaeus reducens
Cybaeus reticulatus Cybaeidae 488, f. 44-49 (f, S of Cybaeus olympiae and C. tius) Cybaeus reticulatus
Cybaeus septatus Cybaeidae 478, f. 7-10 (f) Cybaeus septatus
Cybaeus shoshoneus Cybaeidae 489, f. 50-53 (f, S of Cybaeus chaudius and C. hatchi) Cybaeus shoshoneus
Cybaeus signifer Cybaeidae 476, f. 1-3 (f) Cybaeus signifer
Cybaeus silicis Cybaeidae 490, f. 36, 39 (m, removed from S of Cybaeus giganteus rejecting Roth & Brown, 1986: 3) Cybaeus silicis
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