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Bosmans, R. (2006b). Contribution to the knowledge of the Linyphiidae of the Maghreb. Part X. New data on Lepthyphantes Menge (sensu lato) species (Araneae: Linyphiidae). Belgian Journal of Zoology 136: 173-191. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Canariphantes atlassahariensis Linyphiidae 178 (T from Palliduphantes) Canariphantes atlassahariensis
Canariphantes zonatus Linyphiidae 179, f. 12-17 (mf, T from Bolyphantes) Canariphantes zonatus
Improphantes djazairi Linyphiidae 181 (T from Lepthyphantes) Improphantes djazairi
Lepthyphantes aelleni Linyphiidae 176, f. 6-11 (f, Dm) Lepthyphantes aelleni
Lepthyphantes afer Linyphiidae 174, f. 1-5 (mf) Lepthyphantes afer
Megalepthyphantes auresensis Linyphiidae 181, f. 18-24 (Dmf) Megalepthyphantes auresensis
Megalepthyphantes hellinckxorum Linyphiidae 183, f. 25-31 (Dmf) Megalepthyphantes hellinckxorum
Palliduphantes cadiziensis Linyphiidae 184, f. 32-39 (m, Df) Palliduphantes cadiziensis
Palliduphantes tricuspis Linyphiidae 186, f. 46-47 (Dm) Palliduphantes tricuspis
Palliduphantes yakourensis Linyphiidae 187, f. 40-45 (Dmf) Palliduphantes yakourensis
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