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Edwards, G. B. (2006). A review of described Metacyrba, the status of Parkella, and notes on Platycryptus and Balmaceda, with a comparison of the genera (Araneae: Salticidae: Marpissinae). Insecta Mundi 19: 193-226. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Balmaceda nigrosecta Salticidae 211, f. 123-126 (m, T from Metacyrba) Balmaceda nigrosecta
Balmaceda picta Salticidae 211, f. 115-122 (mf) Balmaceda picta
Marpissa melanura Salticidae 210 (removed from S of Marpissa minor, rejecting Kraus, 1955b: 77) Marpissa melanura
Metacyrba floridana Salticidae 197, f. 1-12, 34, 98 (mf) Metacyrba floridana
Metacyrba insularis Salticidae 198, f. 13-24, 100 (mf) Metacyrba insularis
Metacyrba pictipes Salticidae 199, f. 25-33, 101 (m, Df) Metacyrba pictipes
Metacyrba punctata Salticidae 199, f. 35-46, 97 (mf) Metacyrba punctata
Metacyrba taeniola Salticidae 203, f. 68-78, 99 (mf) Metacyrba taeniola
Metacyrba taeniola similis Salticidae 201, f. 47-67 (removed m from S, placed as subspecies, Df) Metacyrba taeniola similis
Metacyrba venusta Salticidae 207, f. 79-96, 102 (m, Sf) Metacyrba venusta
Platycryptus arizonensis Salticidae 209, f. 103-104 (m, T from Metacyrba) Platycryptus arizonensis
Platycryptus californicus Salticidae 209, f. 105-106 (m) Platycryptus californicus
Platycryptus magnus Salticidae 210, f. 109-114 (mf, T from Marpissa, S of Platycryptus broadwayi) Platycryptus magnus
Platycryptus undatus Salticidae 210, f. 107-108 (m) Platycryptus undatus
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