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Gardzińska, J. & Żabka, M. (2006). A revision of the spider genus Diolenius Thorell, 1870 (Araneae: Salticidae). Annales Zoologici, Warszawa 56: 387-433. download pdf


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Diolenius albopiceus Salticidae 392, f. 102-108 (f) Diolenius albopiceus
Diolenius amplectens Salticidae 392, f. 109-121 (f) Diolenius amplectens
Diolenius angustipes Salticidae 392, f. 88-101 (Dm) Diolenius angustipes
Diolenius armatissimus Salticidae 390, f. 43-70 (m, Df, S) Diolenius armatissimus
Diolenius decorus Salticidae 393, f. 122-133 (Df) Diolenius decorus
Diolenius infulatus Salticidae 394, f. 139-150 (Df) Diolenius infulatus
Diolenius insignitus Salticidae 391, f. 71-87 (Dmf) Diolenius insignitus
Diolenius lineatus Salticidae 394, f. 151-174 (Dmf) Diolenius lineatus
Diolenius lugubris Salticidae 395, f. 175-186 (m) Diolenius lugubris
Diolenius paradoxus Salticidae 396, f. 209-215 (Dm) Diolenius paradoxus
Diolenius phrynoides Salticidae 390, f. 24-42 (mf) Diolenius phrynoides
Diolenius redimiculatus Salticidae 393, f. 134-138 (Df) Diolenius redimiculatus
Diolenius varicus Salticidae 396, f. 202-208 (Dm) Diolenius varicus
Diolenius virgatus Salticidae 395, f. 187-201 (Dm) Diolenius virgatus
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