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Jäger, P. (2006c). Lengthening of embolus and copulatory duct: a review of an evolutionary trend in the spider family Sparassidae (Araneae). In: Deltshev, C. & Stoev, P. (eds.) European Arachnology 2005. Acta Zoologica Bulgarica, Supplement 1: 49-62. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Heteropoda boiei Sparassidae 56, f. 28 (m) Heteropoda boiei
Heteropoda cyperusiria Sparassidae 53, f. 8, 10 (mf) Heteropoda cyperusiria
Heteropoda dagmarae Sparassidae 56, f. 27 (m) Heteropoda dagmarae
Heteropoda lunula Sparassidae 53, f. 9 (f) Heteropoda lunula
Olios coccineiventris Sparassidae 53, f. 11 (m) Olios coccineiventris
Olios nigrifrons Sparassidae 54, f. 16 (f) Olios nigrifrons
Olios punctipes Sparassidae 54, f. 15 (m) Olios punctipes
Pseudopoda kasariana Sparassidae 54, f. 18 (m) Pseudopoda kasariana
Pseudopoda spirembolus Sparassidae 54, f. 19 (m) Pseudopoda spirembolus
Sinopoda albofasciata Sparassidae 55, f. 23 (m) Sinopoda albofasciata
Sinopoda derivata Sparassidae 55, f. 24 (m) Sinopoda derivata
Sinopoda fasciculata Sparassidae 55, f. 21 (m) Sinopoda fasciculata
Sinopoda hamata Sparassidae 55, f. 20, 25 (mf) Sinopoda hamata
Sinopoda tanikawai Sparassidae 55, f. 26 (f) Sinopoda tanikawai
Sinopoda wangi Sparassidae 55, f. 22 (m) Sinopoda wangi
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