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Logunov, D. V. & Hereward, J. (2006). New species and synonymies in the genus Synagelides Strand in Bösenberg & Strand, 1906 (Araneae: Salticidae). Bulletin of the British Arachnological Society 13: 281-292. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Synagelides bagmaticus Salticidae 281, f. 1-6 (Dmf) Synagelides bagmaticus
Synagelides darjeelingus Salticidae 282, f. 7-11 (Dmf) Synagelides darjeelingus
Synagelides doisuthep Salticidae 283, f. 12-17 (Dmf) Synagelides doisuthep
Synagelides gosainkundicus Salticidae 284, f. 19 (m) Synagelides gosainkundicus
Synagelides kosi Salticidae 285, f. 21-24, 32 (Dmf) Synagelides kosi
Synagelides kualaensis Salticidae 286, f. 28-30 (Dm) Synagelides kualaensis
Synagelides lehtineni Salticidae 287, f. 25-27 (Dm) Synagelides lehtineni
Synagelides martensi Salticidae 287, f. 33, 37-40 (mf, S of Synagelides dhaulagiricus, S. himalaicus, S. jiricus, S. thodungus and S. wyszynskii) Synagelides martensi
Synagelides oleksiaki Salticidae 288, f. 20, 35 (mf, S of Synagelides gorapanicus) Synagelides oleksiaki
Synagelides palpaloides Salticidae 289, f. 41-45 (mf) Synagelides palpaloides
Synagelides sumatranus Salticidae 290, f. 46-52 (Dmf) Synagelides sumatranus
Synagelides tukchensis Salticidae 291, f. 34 (f) Synagelides tukchensis
Synagelides ullerensis Salticidae 291, f. 31 (f) Synagelides ullerensis
Synagelides walesai Salticidae 291, f. 18, 36 (mf) Synagelides walesai
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