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Marusik, Y. M., Böcher, J. & Koponen, S. (2006). The collection of Greenland spiders (Aranei) kept in the Zoological Museum, University of Copenhagen. Arthropoda Selecta 15(1): 59-80. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Dictyna major Dictynidae 63, f. 1-2 (f) Dictyna major
Dismodicus decemoculatus Linyphiidae 66 (S of Dismodicus variegatus, confirming Hackman, 1954: 28) Dismodicus decemoculatus
Emblyna borealis Dictynidae 63, f. 3-4 (f) Emblyna borealis
Erigone arctica Linyphiidae 66, f. 8-10 (m, S of Erigone penessa) Erigone arctica
Erigone arctica soerenseni Linyphiidae 66, f. 13, 16-17 (m) Erigone arctica soerenseni
Erigone maritima Linyphiidae 68, f. 11-12, 14-15 (m) Erigone arctica maritima
Erigone whymperi Linyphiidae 68, f. 18-20 (m) Erigone whymperi
Ohlertidion lundbecki Theridiidae 77, f. 6 (f) Theridion ohlerti lundbecki
Ohlertidion ohlerti Theridiidae 78, f. 5, 7 (f) Theridion ohlerti
Tarsiphantes latithorax Linyphiidae 73, f. 21-25 (mf, T from Typhochrestus) Tarsiphantes latithorax
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