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Thaler, K., Harten, A. van & Knoflach, B. (2006). Zoropsis saba sp. n. from Yemen, with notes on other species (Araneae, Zoropsidae). Bulletin of the British Arachnological Society 13(7): 249-255. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Zoropsis albertisi Zoropsidae 250, f. 13 (f, removed from S of Z. spinimana, contra Simon, 1911b: 274) Zoropsis albertisii
Zoropsis bilineata Zoropsidae 250, f. 8, 14 (f, S of Zoropsis bilineata viberti) Zoropsis bilineata
Zoropsis media Zoropsidae 252, f. 17 (f) Zoropsis media
Zoropsis oertzeni Zoropsidae 253, f. 15 (f) Zoropsis oertzeni
Zoropsis saba Zoropsidae 249, f. 1-6, 11-12 (Dmf) Zoropsis saba
Zoropsis spinimana Zoropsidae 254, f. 16 (f) Zoropsis spinimana
Zoropsis thaleri Zoropsidae 251, f. 7, 9-10 (f, per Levy, 2007: 6; see also Simon, 1884i: 190, sub Z. libanica (nomen nudum)) Zoropsis libanica
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