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Topçu, A., Seyyar, O., Demir, H. & Türkeş, T. (2006a). A contribution to the knowledge of the Turkish spider fauna (Araneae). In: Deltshev, C. & Stoev, P. (eds.) European Arachnology 2005. Acta Zoologica Bulgarica, Supplement 1: 335-338. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Alopecosa etrusca Lycosidae 336, f. 3 (f) Alopecosa etrusca
Araneus quadratus Araneidae 335, f. 1 (f) Araneus quadratus
Arctosa stigmosa Lycosidae 336, f. 4a-b (m) Arctosa stigmosa
Heliophanus cupreus Salticidae 336, f. 5a-b (m) Heliophanus cupreus
Talavera aequipes Salticidae 338, f. 6 (f) Talavera aequipes
Zygiella montana Araneidae 336, f. 2 (f) Parazygiella montana
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