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Bosmans, R. (2007). Contribution to the knowledge of the Linyphiidae of the Maghreb. Part XII. Miscellaneous erigonine genera and additional records (Araneae: Linyphiidae: Erigoninae). Bulletin & Annales de la Société Entomologique de Belgique 143: 117-163. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Alioranus pauper Linyphiidae 118, f. 1-5 (mf) Alioranus pauper
Brachycerasphora convexa Linyphiidae 120, f. 6-11 (mf) Brachycerasphora convexa
Cherserigone gracilipes Linyphiidae 121, f. 69-70 (Df) Cherserigone gracilipes
Didectoprocnemis cirtensis Linyphiidae 122, f. 12-18 (mf) Didectoprocnemis cirtensis
Entelecara truncatifrons Linyphiidae 124, f. 19-24 (mf) Entelecara truncatifrons
Erigone dentipalpis Linyphiidae 125, f. 38-43 (mf) Erigone dentipalpis
Erigone promiscua Linyphiidae 125, f. 44-48 (mf) Erigone promiscua
Gnathonarium dentatum Linyphiidae 126, f. 32-37 (mf) Gnathonarium dentatum
Gonatium dayense Linyphiidae 127, f. 49-54 (mf) Gonatium dayense
Gonatium occidentale Linyphiidae 127, f. 55-59 (mf) Gonatium occidentale
Gongylidiellum hipponense Linyphiidae 128, f. 60-63 (m, T from Tmeticus) Gongylidiellum hipponense
Gongylidiellum vivum Linyphiidae 129, f. 64-68 (mf) Gongylidiellum vivum
Hybocoptus corrugis Linyphiidae 129, f. 71-77 (mf) Hybocoptus corrugis
Hybocoptus ericicola Linyphiidae 130, f. 78-84 (removed mf from S of H. corrugis) Hybocoptus ericicola
Lessertia barbara Linyphiidae 131, f. 85-90 (mf) Lessertia barbara
Maso gallicus Linyphiidae 131, f. 91-95 (mf) Maso gallicus
Mecopisthes jacquelinae Linyphiidae 131, f. 96-102 (f, Dm) Mecopisthes jacquelinae
Mermessus denticulatus Linyphiidae 124, f. 25-31 (mf) Eperigone eschatologica
Micrargus herbigradus Linyphiidae 132, f. 103-108 (mf) Micrargus herbigradus
Microctenonyx subitaneus Linyphiidae 133, f. 109-115 (mf) Microctenonyx subitanea
Minicia elegans Linyphiidae 134, f. 116-121 (f, Dm) Minicia elegans
Monocephalus fuscipes Linyphiidae 134, f. 123-129 (mf) Monocephalus fuscipes
Nematogmus sanguinolentus Linyphiidae 135, f. 130-135 (mf) Nematogmus sanguinolentus
Ostearius melanopygius Linyphiidae 136, f. 136-140 (mf) Ostearius melanopygius
Prinerigone vagans Linyphiidae 137, f. 141-147 (mf) Prinerigone vagans
Styloctetor romanus Linyphiidae 139, f. 148-152 (mf) Styloctetor romanus
Tapinocyba algirica Linyphiidae 139, f. 153-158 (Dmf) Tapinocyba algirica
Trichoncoides piscator Linyphiidae 140, f. 159-163 (mf) Trichoncoides piscator
Trichoncus aurantiipes Linyphiidae 141, f. 164-168 (mf) Trichoncus aurantiipes
Trichoncus uncinatus Linyphiidae 142, f. 169-171 (m) Trichoncus uncinatus
Walckenaeria heimbergi Linyphiidae 142, f. 172-181 (Dmf) Walckenaeria (Prosopotheca) heimbergi
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