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Miller, J. A. (2007a). Review of erigonine spider genera in the Neotropics (Araneae: Linyphiidae, Erigoninae). Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society 149(Suppl. 1): 1-263. doi:10.1111/j.1096-3642.2007.00233.x download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Anodoration claviferum Linyphiidae 35, f. 23B, 25A-F, 26A-F, 27A-F (mf) Anodoration claviferum
Anodoration tantillum Linyphiidae 38, f. 23C, 25G (Tf from Turbinellina) Anodoration tantillum
Asemostera arcana Linyphiidae 172, f. 127C-D, H (m) Asemostera arcana
Asemostera daedalus Linyphiidae 166, f. 124E, 126C-D, H, 128B-C, J-K, 129C-D, 130C-D, 131C-D, F, 133A-F (Dmf) Asemostera daedalus
Asemostera enkidu Linyphiidae 173, f. 124H, 127E-F, I, 128F (Dmf) Asemostera enkidu
Asemostera involuta Linyphiidae 171, f. 124G, 127A-B, G, 128E, L-M, 129E-F, 130E-F (m, Df) Asemostera involuta
Asemostera janetae Linyphiidae 163, f. 124D, 126A-B, G, 128A, H-I, N, 129A-B, 130A-B, 131A-B, E, 132A-F (Dmf) Asemostera janetae
Asemostera latithorax Linyphiidae 168, f. 124F, 126E-F, I, 128D (m, Sf) Asemostera latithorax
Asemostera pallida Linyphiidae 173, f. 124I, 128G, O-P (f) Asemostera pallida
Bactrogyna prominens Linyphiidae 41, f. 23D (f) Bactrogyna prominens
Catacercus fuegianus Linyphiidae 40, f. 25J-K (m) Catacercus fuegianus
Cautinella minuta Linyphiidae 40, f. 25H-I (m) Cautinella minuta
Centromerus incertus Linyphiidae 259 (nomen dubium) Centromerus incertus
Ceratinopsis interpres Linyphiidae 176, f. 135A-C, 136A-F, 142A (mf) Ceratinopsis interpres
Ceratinopsis jelskii Linyphiidae 176 (nomen dubium) Ceratinopsis jelskii
Ceratinopsis michaelseni Linyphiidae 176 (nomen dubium confirmed) Ceratinopsis michaelseni
Ceratinopsis munda Linyphiidae 176, f. 135D-E (m) Ceratinopsis munda
Ceratinopsis pallida Linyphiidae 176 (nomen dubium) Ceratinopsis pallida
Ceratinopsis purpurea Linyphiidae 176 (nomen dubium) Ceratinopsis purpurea
Clitistes velutinus Dictynidae 269 (nomen dubium) Clitistes velutinus
Ctenophysis chilensis Linyphiidae 46, f. 23H, 32A-F, 33A-F (mf) Ctenophysis chilensis
Dictyna ectrapela Dictynidae 248, f. 186H (Tf from Oedothorax) Dictyna ectrapela
Diechomma exiguum Linyphiidae 58, f. 43B (f) Diechomma exiguum
Diechomma pretiosum Linyphiidae 55, f. 40A-E, 41A-F, 42A-D, 43A (mf) Diechomma pretiosum
Dolabritor spineus Linyphiidae 233, f. 176F, 177A-E, 178A-F, 179A-E (m, Df) Dolabritor spineus
Dubiaranea distincta Linyphiidae 247 (T from Linyphia, S of Hormembolus aysenensis) Dubiaranea distincta
Epiwubana jucunda Linyphiidae 70, f. 50A-C (m) Epiwubana jucunda
Erigone bimaculata Linyphiidae 137 (nomen dubium confirmed) Erigone bimaculata
Erigone dentosa Linyphiidae 137, f. 110C-F (m) Erigone dentosa
Erigone famosa Linyphiidae 137 (nomen dubium) Erigone famosa
Erigone fellita Linyphiidae 243, f. 186A (f, misplaced in this genus) Erigone fellita
Erigone lasciva Linyphiidae 137 (nomen dubium) Erigone lasciva
Erigone paranaensis Linyphiidae 137 (nomen dubium) Erigone paranaensis
Erigone zabluta Linyphiidae 243, f. 186B (f, misplaced in this genus) Erigone zabluta
Fissiscapus attercop Linyphiidae 151, f. 95F, 102G, 115A-E, 116A-F (Dmf) Fissiscapus attercop
Fissiscapus fractus Linyphiidae 153, f. 102I (f) Fissiscapus fractus
Fissiscapus pusillus Linyphiidae 153, f. 102H (f) Fissiscapus pusillus
Floronia fagei Linyphiidae 259 (nomen dubium) Floronia fagei
Gigapassus octarine Linyphiidae 111, f. 71F, 81A-D, 82, 83A-F, 84A-F (Dmf) Gigapassus octarine
Gonatoraphis aenea Linyphiidae 241, f. 176H, 180G, 181A-B (mf) Gonatoraphis aenea
Gonatoraphis lobata Linyphiidae 242, f. 176I, 181C-F (mf) Gonatoraphis lobata
Gonatoraphis lysistrata Linyphiidae 239, f. 176G, 180A-F, 182A-F, 183A-F, 184A-C (Dmf) Gonatoraphis lysistrata
Gongylidiellum panamanum Linyphiidae 6 (nomen dubium) Gongylidiellum panamanum
Grammonota dubia Linyphiidae 174, f. 135F (Tf from Oedothorax) Grammonota dubia
Gravipalpus callosus Linyphiidae 121, f. 88D, G-H (m) Gravipalpus callosus
Gravipalpus crassus Linyphiidae 122, f. 88E, I-J (m) Gravipalpus crassus
Gravipalpus standifer Linyphiidae 118, f. 71H, 88A-C, F, 95E (Dmf) Gravipalpus standifer
Habreuresis falcata Linyphiidae 71, f. 50D-F (m) Habreuresis falcata
Hypselocara altissimum Linyphiidae 103, f. 71C, 74A-E, 75A-F, 76A-E, 77A-C (mf) Hypselocara altissimum
Intecymbium antarcticum Linyphiidae 212, f. 151G, 166A-D, 167A-F, 168A-F (Tmf from Ceratinopsis) Intecymbium antarcticum
Labicymbium rusticulum Linyphiidae 158 (Tm from Erigone, Sf) Labicymbium rusticulum
Labicymbium sturmi Linyphiidae 155, f. 118A-F, 119A-F, 120A-E, 124A (mf) Labicymbium sturmi
Laminacauda amabilis Linyphiidae 22, f. 9D, 11C (Tf from Erigone) Laminacauda amabilis
Laminacauda baerti Linyphiidae 23 (replacement name) Laminacauda baerti
Laminacauda dentichelis Linyphiidae 23 (T from Emenista, S of Laminacauda palustris) Laminacauda dentichelis
Laminacauda dysphorica Linyphiidae 23 (T from Erigone, S of Laminacauda nigriceps) Laminacauda dysphorica
Laminacauda montevidensis Linyphiidae 24 (T from Oedothorax, S of Laminacauda ignobilis) Laminacauda montevidensis
Laminacauda pacifica Linyphiidae 19 (Tmf from Macrargus) Laminacauda pacifica
Laminacauda plagiata Linyphiidae 23, f. 9E (f, S of Oedothorax michaelseni) Laminacauda plagiata
Laminacauda vicana Linyphiidae 20, f. 9C, 11A-B, 12A-F, 13A-E (Tm from Erigone, Df) Laminacauda vicana
Leptorhoptrum platei Linyphiidae 6 (nomen dubium) Leptorhoptrum platei
Linyphia multipunctata Linyphiidae 259 (nomen dubium) Linyphia multipunctata
Linyphia picta Linyphiidae 259 (nomen dubium) Linyphia picta
Linyphia tenuipes Linyphiidae 259 (nomen dubium) Linyphia tenuipes
Lomaita darlingtoni Linyphiidae 245, f. 187A-C (m) Lomaita darlingtoni
Lygarina aurantiaca Linyphiidae 100, f. 68D-E (m) Lygarina aurantiaca
Lygarina berlandi Linyphiidae 97 (nomen dubium) Lygarina berlandi
Lygarina caracasana Linyphiidae 101, f. 68F-H (m) Lygarina caracasana
Lygarina silvicola Linyphiidae 97, f. 68A-C, I, 69A-F, 70A-F, 71A-B (mf, lapsus) Lygarina sylvicola
Macrargus australis Linyphiidae 6 (nomen dubium) Macrargus australis
Mermessus denticulatus Linyphiidae 132, f. 92G-H (mf, T from Centromerus, S of Erigone eschatologica) Mermessus denticulatus
Mermessus dentiger Linyphiidae 124, f. 71I, 91A-G, 93A-F, 94A-F, 95A-C (mf, S of Eperigone serrata) Mermessus dentiger
Mermessus proximus Linyphiidae 130, f. 92E-F (Tf from Erigone) Mermessus proximus
Mermessus rapidulus Linyphiidae 126, f. 92A-D, 95D, 96A-F, 97A-E, 102A (m, Sf) Mermessus rapidulus
Microctenonyx subitaneus Linyphiidae 159, f. 123A-F, 124B (mf) Microctenonyx subitaneus
Microplanus mollis Linyphiidae 146, f. 102E, 107D-F (m, Df) Microplanus mollis
Microplanus odin Linyphiidae 141, f. 102D, 107A-C, 108A-F, 109A-F, 110A-B (mf) Microplanus odin
Millidgella trisetosa Linyphiidae 49, f. 23I, 29F-I, 35A-E, 36A-F, 37A-E, 38A-E (mf) Valdiviola trisetosa
Minyriolus australis Linyphiidae 6 (nomen dubium) Minyriolus australis
Moyosi chumota Linyphiidae 219, f. 151I, 170C-E, G (Dmf) Moyosi chumota
Moyosi prativaga Linyphiidae 217, f. 151H, 179A-B, F (Tf from Erigone, Dm) Moyosi prativaga
Moyosi rugosa Linyphiidae 220, f. 170H, 176A (Tf from Sphecozone) Moyosi rugosa
Myrmecomelix leucippus Linyphiidae 138, f. 102C, 104A-D, 105A-F, 106A-E (Dmf) Myrmecomelix leucippus
Myrmecomelix pulcher Linyphiidae 141, f. 104E-F (m) Myrmecomelix pulcher
Neocautinella neoterica Linyphiidae 32, f. 20A-C, 21A-F, 22A-E, 23A (Tf from Erigone, Sm) Neocautinella neoterica
Neomaso claggi Linyphiidae 108, f. 71D, 78A-B, F-G, I, 79A-F80A-E (mf) Neomaso claggi
Neomaso damocles Linyphiidae 110, f. 71E, 78C-E, H-I (Dmf) Neomaso damocles
Neomaso defoei Linyphiidae 22, f. 11D-F (Tf from Centromerus) Laminacauda defoei
Neomaso patagonicus Linyphiidae 110 (S of Gongylidiellum uschuaiense, rejected by Dupérré & Harms, 2018: 4) Neomaso patagonicus
Notiomaso australis Linyphiidae 67, f. 43E, 45A-D (mf) Notiomaso australis
Notiomaso barbatus Linyphiidae 66, f. 43D, 44F-J (mf) Notiomaso barbatus
Notiomaso exonychus Linyphiidae 63, f. 42E-F, 43C, 44A-E, 47A-F, 48A-F (Dmf) Notiomaso exonychus
Notiomaso nigrocapitatus Linyphiidae 63 (T from Microsphalma, nomen dubium) Notiomaso nigrocapitatus
Notiomaso striatus Linyphiidae 68, f. 43F, 46A-E (mf) Notiomaso striatus
Notolinga fuegiana Linyphiidae 244, f. 186C (f, misplaced in this genus) Oedothorax fuegianus
Onychembolus anceps Linyphiidae 86, f. 57F-G (m) Onychembolus anceps
Onychembolus subalpinus Linyphiidae 82, f. 57A-E, 58A-F, 59A-E, 60B (m, Sf) Onychembolus subalpinus
Orfeo desolatus Linyphiidae 88, f. 60E-F, 62E-F (Tf from Erigone) Orfeo desolatus
Orfeo jobim Linyphiidae 86, f. 60C-D, 62A-D, G (Dmf) Orfeo jobim
Ostearius melanopygius Linyphiidae 30, f. 9I (f, S) Ostearius melanopygius
Paraletes pogo Linyphiidae 133, f. 99A-C, 100A-F, 101A-E, 102B (Dmf) Paraletes pogo
Paraletes timidus Linyphiidae 135, f. 99D-E (m) Paraletes timidus
Primerigonina australis Linyphiidae 80, f. 52F-G (m) Primerigonina australis
Pseudotyphistes cambara Linyphiidae 78, f. 51D (m) Pseudotyphistes cambara
Pseudotyphistes cristatus Linyphiidae 73, f. 43G, 51A-B, 52A-B, D, 53A-F, 54A-E (m, Df) Pseudotyphistes cristatus
Pseudotyphistes ludibundus Linyphiidae 79, f. 51G-H, 60A (Tmf from Erigone) Pseudotyphistes ludibundus
Pseudotyphistes pallidus Linyphiidae 77, f. 43I, 51E-F (mf) Pseudotyphistes pallidus
Pseudotyphistes pennatus Linyphiidae 77, f. 43H, 51C, 52C, E (mf) Pseudotyphistes pennatus
Psilocymbium acanthodes Linyphiidae 224, f. 172A-H, 174A-F, 175A-E, 176B, 184D-F (Dmf) Psilocymbium acanthodes
Psilocymbium defloccatum Linyphiidae 231, f. 173G (f, T from nomen dubium in Erigone) Psilocymbium defloccatus
Psilocymbium incertum Linyphiidae 232, f. 173F, 176E (f) Psilocymbium incertum
Psilocymbium lineatum Linyphiidae 229, f. 176D (f) Psilocymbium lineatum
Psilocymbium pilifrons Linyphiidae 230, f. 173C-D, I-K (m) Psilocymbium pilifrons
Psilocymbium tuberosum Linyphiidae 226, f. 173A-B, E, H, 176C (mf) Psilocymbium tuberosum
Rhabdogyna chiloensis Linyphiidae 45, f. 23G (f) Rhabdogyna chiloensis
Rhabdogyna patagonica Linyphiidae 42, f. 23F, 29A-E, 30A-F, 31A-C (mf) Rhabdogyna patagonica
Scolecura cognata Linyphiidae 30, f. 9G, 15F-G (mf) Scolecura cognata
Scolecura parilis Linyphiidae 28, f. 9H, 15D-E (f, Dm) Scolecura parilis
Scolecura propinqua Linyphiidae 27, f. 9F, 15A-C, 16A-B, 17A-F, 18A-E (mf) Scolecura propinqua
Smermisia caracasana Linyphiidae 93, f. 63D-G (m) Smermisia caracasana
Smermisia esperanzae Linyphiidae 94, f. 63H-I (Tm from Oedothorax) Smermisia esperanzae
Smermisia holdridgi Linyphiidae 95, f. 60I, 64D-F, 66C-D, 67E-F (Dmf) Smermisia holdridgi
Smermisia parvoris Linyphiidae 94, f. 60H, 64A-C, 66A-B, 67E-F (Dmf) Smermisia parvoris
Smermisia vicosana Linyphiidae 89, f. 60G, 63A-C, 65A-F, 66E-F, 67A-D (Tmf from Sciastes) Smermisia vicosana
Spanioplanus mitis Linyphiidae 116, f. 71G, 85A-F, 86A-F, 87A-F (m, Df) Spanioplanus mitis
Sphecozone altehabitans Linyphiidae 193, f. 146E (Tf from Erigone, S) Sphecozone altehabitans
Sphecozone bicolor Linyphiidae 190, f. 142G, 146A-D, 158A-F, 159A-E (f, Sm) Sphecozone bicolor
Sphecozone crassa Linyphiidae 205, f. 151E, 153A-B, E, G-H, 162A-F, 163A-F (m, Sf) Sphecozone crassa
Sphecozone diversicolor Linyphiidae 196, f. 148A-E, 151A (Tmf from Ceratinopsis, S) Sphecozone diversicolor
Sphecozone electa Linyphiidae 187 (nomen dubium, almost certainly does not belong in Sphecozone) Clitolyna electa
Sphecozone fastibilis Linyphiidae 208, f. 154A-E (f, Dm) Sphecozone fastibilis
Sphecozone formosa Linyphiidae 207, f. 151F (f) Sphecozone formosa
Sphecozone gravis Linyphiidae 208, f. 153C-D, F (m) Sphecozone gravis
Sphecozone ignigena Linyphiidae 198, f. 148A-B, G, 151B (Tm from Erigone, Sf) Sphecozone ignigena
Sphecozone labiata Linyphiidae 200, f. 149C-F, H (Tmf from Erigone) Sphecozone labiata
Sphecozone modesta Linyphiidae 201 (S) Sphecozone modesta
Sphecozone nitens Linyphiidae 189, f. 142F, 144C-D, G (f, Dm) Sphecozone nitens
Sphecozone niwina Linyphiidae 195, f. 142I, 147C-D, G, I (Tf from Erigone, Dm, S) Sphecozone niwina
Sphecozone rubescens Linyphiidae 187, f. 142E, 144A-B, E-F, H, 145, 155A-F, 156A-E, 157A-E (mf, S) Sphecozone rubescens
Sphecozone rubicunda Linyphiidae 194, f. 142H, 147A-B, E-F, H (Tmf from Ceratinopsis, S) Sphecozone rubicunda
Sphecozone spadicaria Linyphiidae 201, f. 150A-E, 151C, 160A-F, 161A-F (mf) Sphecozone spadicaria
Sphecozone tumidosa Linyphiidae 205, f. 152D-E (Tm from Ceratinopsis) Sphecozone tumidosa
Sphecozone venialis Linyphiidae 203, f. 151D, 152A-C (Tmf from Erigone, S) Sphecozone venialis
Theridion incomtum Theridiidae 247, f. 186D-E (m) Theridion incomtum
Thymoites peruanus Theridiidae 248, f. 186F-G (Tm from Erigone) Thymoites peruanus
Toltecaria antricola Linyphiidae 147, f. 102F, 112A-D, 113A-F, 114A-F (Tf from Phanetta, Dm) Toltecaria antricola
Triplogyna ignitula Linyphiidae 13, f. 3D-F, H, 4E-F, 6B, 7D-F, 8E, 9B (Tf from Erigone, Dm, S) Triplogyna ignitula
Triplogyna major Linyphiidae 11, f. 3A-C, G, 4A-D, 5A-D, 6A, C-E, 7A-C, 8A-D, 9A (f, Sm) Triplogyna major
Turbinellina nigra Linyphiidae 41, f. 23E (f) Turbinellina nigra
Tutaibo affinis Linyphiidae 259 (nomen dubium) Tutaibo affinis
Tutaibo fucosus Linyphiidae 185, f. 139A-B (Tm from Erigone) Tutaibo fucosus
Tutaibo phoeniceus Linyphiidae 180, f. 137A-D, 140A-F, 141A-E (mf) Tutaibo phoeniceus
Tutaibo rusticellus Linyphiidae 182, f. 138A-B, E, 142C (Tmf from Erigone) Tutaibo rusticellus
Tutaibo velox Linyphiidae 184, f. 138C-D, F, 142D (Tf from Erigone, Sm) Tutaibo velox
Walckenaeria intoleranda Linyphiidae 160, f. 124C (Tf from Erigone, Sm) Walckenaeria intoleranda
Zilephus granulosus Linyphiidae 259 (nomen dubium) Zilephus granulosus
Genus Family Page
Gigapassus Miller, 2007 Linyphiidae 111
Intecymbium Miller, 2007 Linyphiidae 211
Malkinola Miller, 2007 Linyphiidae 242
Moyosi Miller, 2007 Linyphiidae 215
Orfeo Miller, 2007 Linyphiidae 86
Toltecaria Miller, 2007 Linyphiidae 146
Valdiviola Miller, 2007 Linyphiidae 49