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Richardson, B. J. & ┼╗abka, M. (2007). A revision of the Australian jumping spider genus Prostheclina Keyserling, 1892 (Araneae: Salticidae). Records of the Australian Museum 59: 79-96. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Prostheclina amplior Salticidae 87, f. 3B, 6A-F (Dmf) Prostheclina amplior
Prostheclina basilonesa Salticidae 89, f. 3A, 8A-E (Dmf) Prostheclina basilonesa
Prostheclina boreoaitha Salticidae 90, f. 3D, 9A-B (Dm) Prostheclina boreoaitha
Prostheclina boreoxantha Salticidae 91, f. 3G, 11A-E (Dmf) Prostheclina boreoxantha
Prostheclina bulburin Salticidae 92, f. 3F, 13A-E, not 12A-E as per species heading (Dmf) Prostheclina bulburin
Prostheclina eungella Salticidae 94, f. 3C, 12A-E, not 13A-E as per species heading (Dmf) Prostheclina eungella
Prostheclina pallida Salticidae 84, f. 3E, 4A-H (mf) Prostheclina pallida
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