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Santos, A. J. (2007a). A revision of the Neotropical nursery-web spider genus Architis (Araneae: Pisauridae). Zootaxa 1578: 1-40. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Aglaoctenus lagotis Lycosidae 5 (S) Aglaoctenus lagotis
Architis altamira Pisauridae 20, f. 8C-D (Df) Architis altamira
Architis brasiliensis Pisauridae 33, f. 18A-F, 20A-B (Tf from Pisaurina, Sm) Architis brasiliensis
Architis capricorna Pisauridae 35, f. 19A-E, 20C-D (m, Df) Architis capricorna
Architis colombo Pisauridae 27, f. 14A-F (Dmf) Architis colombo
Architis comaina Pisauridae 17, f. 7A-D (Dmf) Architis comaina
Architis cymatilis Pisauridae 11, f. 3A-D, 4C-E (mf, S) Architis cymatilis
Architis dianasilvae Pisauridae 20, f. 8E-F (Df) Architis dianasilvae
Architis erwini Pisauridae 26, f. 13A-E (Dmf) Architis erwini
Architis fritzmuelleri Pisauridae 29, f. 15A-D (Df) Architis fritzmuelleri
Architis helveola Pisauridae 24, f. 12A-E (mf) Architis helveola
Architis ikuruwa Pisauridae 17, f. 8A-B (f) Architis ikuruwa
Architis maturaca Pisauridae 14, f. 5A-E (Dmf) Architis maturaca
Architis robusta Pisauridae 31, f. 16A-D (m, Df) Architis robusta
Architis tenuipes Pisauridae 21, f. 9A-D (mf) Architis tenuipes
Architis tenuis Pisauridae 7, f. 2A-D, 4A-B (mf, S) Architis tenuis
Architis turvo Pisauridae 23, f. 10A-C (Df) Architis turvo
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