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J├Ąger, P. & Rheims, C. A. (2008). On the genera Origes Simon 1897, Prusias O. Pickard-Cambridge 1892, Tibellomma Simon 1903 and Paenula Simon 1897 from South and Central America. Senckenbergiana Biologica 88: 29-39. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Origes nigrovittatus Sparassidae 31, f. 19-32 (Tmf from Olios) Origes nigrovittatus
Origes pollens Sparassidae 31, f. 1-18 (mf) Origes pollens
Paenula paupercula Sparassidae 37, f. 58-68 (f) Paenula paupercula
Prusias lanceolatus Sparassidae 35, f. 51-57 (Djm, considered misplaced in this genus) Prusias lanceolatus
Prusias nugalis Sparassidae 33, f. 33-44 (f) Prusias nugalis
Prusias semotus Sparassidae 35, f. 45-50 (j) Prusias semotus
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