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Kovblyuk, M. M. (2008). Spiders of genus Drassodes (Aranei, Gnaphosidae) of the Crimean fauna. Vestnik Zoologii 42: 11-24. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Drassodes cupreus Gnaphosidae 12 (considered rather a junior S of Drassodes lapidosus; not accepted by Platnick) Drassodes lapidosus macer
Drassodes lapidosus Gnaphosidae 12, f. 1.1-4, 2.1-3, 3.1-4 (mf, S of Drassodes lapidosus macer, not accepted by Platnick, see Drassodes cupreus) Drassodes lapidosus
Drassodes lutescens Gnaphosidae 16, f. 4.1-5 (mf) Drassodes lutescens
Drassodes pubescens Gnaphosidae 18, f. 5.1-3 (mf) Drassodes pubescens
Drassodes serratichelis Gnaphosidae 20, f. 6.1-4, 7.1-2 (mf) Drassodes serratichelis
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