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Kovblyuk, M. M. & Ponomarev, A. V. (2008). New and interesting spiders (Aranei: Agelenidae, Corinnidae, Gnaphosidae, Nemesiidae, Thomisidae) from the west Caucasus. Caucasian Entomological Bulletin 4: 143-154. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Raveniola pontica Nemesiidae 151, f. 36-40 (Dm) Raveniola pontica
Tegenaria abchasica Agelenidae 143, f. 1-11 (m, Df) Tegenaria abchasica
Tegenaria chumachenkoi Agelenidae 147, f. 18-21 (Df) Tegenaria chumachenkoi
Tegenaria longimana Agelenidae 145, f. 12-17 (m) Tegenaria longimana
Zelotes erebeus Gnaphosidae 147, f. 31-35 (mf) Zelotes erebeus
Zelotes khostensis Gnaphosidae 147, f. 22-30 (Dmf) Zelotes khostensis
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