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Kuntner, M., Coddington, J. A. & Hormiga, G. (2008). Phylogeny of extant nephilid orb-weaving spiders (Araneae, Nephilidae): testing morphological and ethological homologies. Cladistics 24(2): 147-217. doi:10.1111/j.1096-0031.2007.00176.x download pdf


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Acusilas coccineus Araneidae 176, f. 17B-D (m) Acusilas coccineus
Araniella alpica Araneidae 174, f. 15A-C (m) Araniella alpica
Argiope argentata Araneidae 176, f. 17A (m) Argiope argentata
Artiphex melanopyga Araneidae 170, f. 11D, H-I (mf) Phonognatha melanopyga
Clitaetra episinoides Araneidae 169, f. 10D-E, J-K (mf) Clitaetra episinoides
Clitaetra irenae Araneidae 169, f. 10A-C, F-H (mf) Clitaetra irenae
Clitaetra perroti Araneidae 169, f. 10I (f) Clitaetra perroti
Cyclosa conica Araneidae 174, f. 15D-F (m) Cyclosa conica
Deliochus humilis Araneidae 171, f. 12A-B (m) Deliochus humilis
Deliochus zelivira Araneidae 171, f. C-D (f) Deliochus zelivira
Herennia multipuncta Araneidae 168, f. 9A-E, I-L (mf) Herennia multipuncta
Herennia papuana Araneidae 168, f. 9F-H (m) Herennia papuana
Leucauge argyrobapta Tetragnathidae 177, f. 19A-C (m; misidentified per Ballesteros & Hormiga, 2018: 192) Leucauge venusta
Leucauge grata Tetragnathidae 176, f. 18A-F (mf) Opadometa grata
Meta ovalis Tetragnathidae 177, f. 19E-I (mf) Meta ovalis
Nephila constricta Araneidae 166, f. 7D-E (m) Nephila constricta
Nephilengys malabarensis Araneidae 167, f. 8H-I (m) Nephilengys malabarensis
Nephilengys papuana Araneidae 167, f. 8J, N-P (mf) Nephilengys papuana
Nephilingis borbonica Araneidae 167, f. 8D-G (m) Nephilengys borbonica
Nephilingis cruentata Araneidae 167, f. 8A-C, K-M (mf) Nephilengys cruentata
Perilla teres Araneidae 173, f. 14A-H (mf) Perilla teres
Phonognatha graeffei Araneidae 170, f. 11A-C, E-G (mf) Phonognatha graeffei
Singafrotypa acanthopus Araneidae 172, f. 13A-E (mf) Singafrotypa acanthopus
Tetragnatha obtusa Tetragnathidae 177, f. 19D (m) Tetragnatha obtusa
Trichonephila inaurata Araneidae 166, f. 7I-L (f) Nephila ardentipes
Trichonephila senegalensis Araneidae 166, f. 7F-H (m) Nephila senegalensis
Trichonephila turneri Araneidae 166, f. 7A-C, M-N (mf) Nephila turneri
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