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Pedroso, D. R., Baptista, R. L. C. & Ferreira, P. S. F. (2008). Trechona rufa (Araneae, Dipluridae): new status, redescription and neotype designation with notes on the genus. Journal of Arachnology 36: 360-367. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Linothele sericata Dipluridae 366 (T from Trechona) Linothele sericata
Trechona adspersa Dipluridae 365 (considered a Nemesiidae "incertae sedis", but without specifying a genus) Trechona adspersa
Trechona rufa Dipluridae 361, f. 1-9 (elevated f from subspecies, Dm) Trechona rufa
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