Included taxa

Penney, D. (2008). Dominican amber spiders: A comparative palaeontological-neontological approach to identification, faunistics, ecology and biogeography. Siri Scientific Press, 176 pp. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Ctenus jaragua Ctenidae 110, f. 5.110 (f) Ctenus jaragua
Eidmannella pallida Nesticidae 90, f. 5.65 (m) Eidmannella pallida
Ischnothele jeremie Ischnothelidae 66, f. 5.4 (m) Ischnothele jeremie
Lomaita darlingtoni Linyphiidae 98, f. 5.85 (m) Lomaita darlingtoni
Loxosceles cubana Sicariidae 71, f. 5.17 (m) Loxosceles cubana
Mangora fascialata Araneidae 105, f. 5.100 (m) Mangora fascialata
Micropholcus toma Pholcidae 76, f. 5.25 (m) Leptopholcus toma
Nops blandus Caponiidae 77, f. 5.32 (m) Nops blandus
Nops ernestoi Caponiidae 77, f. 5.33 (m) Nops ernestoi
Ochyrocera cachote Ochyroceratidae 74, f. 5.22 (m) Ochyrocera cachote
Paratheuma insulana Dictynidae 111, f. 5.114 (m) Paratheuma insulana
Scytodes longipes Scytodidae 72, f. 5.19 (m) Scytodes longipes
Zosis geniculata Uloboridae 88, f. 5.60 (m) Zosis geniculata
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