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Polotow, D. & Brescovit, A. D. (2008). Revision of the neotropical spider genus Gephyroctenus (Araneae: Ctenidae: Calocteninae). Revista Brasileira de Zoologia 25: 705-715. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Caloctenus gracilitarsis Ctenidae 707 (S) Caloctenus gracilitarsis
Gephyroctenus acre Ctenidae 712, f. 33-34 (Df) Gephyroctenus acre
Gephyroctenus atininga Ctenidae 712, f. 35-36 (Df) Gephyroctenus atininga
Gephyroctenus divisor Ctenidae 711, f. 25-29 (Dmf) Gephyroctenus divisor
Gephyroctenus esteio Ctenidae 714, f. 37-38 (Df) Gephyroctenus esteio
Gephyroctenus juruti Ctenidae 710, f. 20-24 (Dmf) Gephyroctenus juruti
Gephyroctenus kolosvaryi Ctenidae 706 (S of Gephyroctenus kolosvaryi, rejected by Arizala, Labarque & Polotow, 2021: 53) Acanthoctenus spinipes
Gephyroctenus mapia Ctenidae 714, f. 39-40 (Df) Gephyroctenus mapia
Gephyroctenus panguana Ctenidae 712, f. 30-32 (Dm) Gephyroctenus panguana
Gephyroctenus philodromoides Ctenidae 707, f. 1-14 (m, Df) Gephyroctenus philodromoides
Gephyroctenus portovelho Ctenidae 710, f. 15-19 (Dmf) Gephyroctenus portovelho
Phymatoctenus comosus Ctenidae 707 (S) Phymatoctenus comosus
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