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Ponomarev, A. V., Belosludtsev, E. A. & Dvadnenko, K. V. (2008). Spiders (Aranei) of the lower Volga region (Astrakhan and Volgograd areas of Russia) with the description of new taxa. Caucasian Entomological Bulletin 4: 163-185. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Bogdocosa kronebergi Lycosidae 164, f. 1-6 (Dmf) [] Bogdocosa baskuntchakensis
Drassodes caspius Gnaphosidae 176, f. 17-20 (m) Drassodes caspius
Haplodrassus caspius Gnaphosidae 164, f. 7-8 (Df) Haplodrassus caspius
Liocranoeca spasskyi Liocranidae 173, f. 9-11 (m) Liocranoeca spasskyi
Liocranoeca striata Liocranidae 173, f. 12 (m) Liocranoeca striata
Zelotes pseudogallicus Gnaphosidae 178, f. 21-26 (m) Zelotes pseudogallicus
Zodariellum volgouralense Zodariidae 173, f. 13-16 (m) Zodariellum volgouralensis
Genus Family Page
Bogdocosa Ponomarev & Belosludtsev, 2008 Lycosidae 163