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Řezáč, M., Pekár, S. & Johannesen, J. (2008). Taxonomic review and phylogenetic analysis of Central European Eresus species (Araneae: Eresidae). Zoologica Scripta 37(3): 263-287. doi:10.1111/j.1463-6409.2008.00328.x download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Eresus kollari Eresidae 267, f. 1A-C, 2A-J, R, 3A-J, R, 4A, D, G, J, 5A, D (mf, considered the earliest identifiable name for the widespread species of this genus) Eresus kollari
Eresus moravicus Eresidae 274, f. 2K-Q, 3K-Q, 4B, E, H, K, 5B, E (Dmf) Eresus moravicus
Eresus sandaliatus Eresidae 276, f. 2S-AA, 3S-AA, 4C, F, I, L, 5C, F (mf) Eresus sandaliatus
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