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Stefanovska, D., Naumova, M., Prelik, D., Deltshev, C. & Lazarov, S. (2008). Spiders from the Skopje region: a faunistic and zoogeographical analysis. Historia Naturalis Bulgarica 19: 35-49. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Agraecina scupiensis Liocranidae 37, f. 2-4 (m; misidentified per Deltshev & Wang, 2016: 136) Agraecina pr. hodna
Haplodrassus bohemicus Gnaphosidae 37, f. 10-15 (mf) Haplodrassus bohemicus
Zodarion hauseri Zodariidae 37, f. 5-9 (f, fig. m) Zodarion hauseri
No genus found for this reference