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Tang, G., Yin, C. M., Peng, X. J., Ubick, D. & Griswold, C. (2008b). The crab spiders of the genus Lysiteles from Yunnan Province, China (Araneae: Thomisidae). Zootaxa 1742: 1-41. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Lysiteles arcuatus Thomisidae 5, f. 1a-e (Df) Lysiteles arcuatus
Lysiteles auriculatus Thomisidae 6, f. 2a-e (Df) Lysiteles auriculatus
Lysiteles clavellatus Thomisidae 7, f. 3a-l (Dmf) Lysiteles clavellatus
Lysiteles conflatus Thomisidae 9, f. 4a-l (Dmf) Lysiteles conflatus
Lysiteles corrugus Thomisidae 12, f. 5a-g (Df) Lysiteles corrugus
Lysiteles curvatus Thomisidae 13, f. 6a-g (Df) Lysiteles curvatus
Lysiteles dianicus Thomisidae 14, f. 7a-k (f, Dm) Lysiteles dianicus
Lysiteles distortus Thomisidae 17, f. 8a-e (Dm) Lysiteles distortus
Lysiteles guoi Thomisidae 18, f. 9a-e (Df) Lysiteles guoi
Lysiteles himalayensis Thomisidae 20, f. 10a-e (f) Lysiteles himalayensis
Lysiteles kunmingensis Thomisidae 21, f. 11a-i (mf) Lysiteles kunmingensis
Lysiteles maius Thomisidae 23, f. 12a-l (mf) Lysiteles maius
Lysiteles niger Thomisidae 26, f. 13a-k (mf) Lysiteles niger
Lysiteles punctiger Thomisidae 28, f. 14a-j (f, Dm) Lysiteles punctiger
Lysiteles saltus Thomisidae 31, f. 15a-l (mf) Lysiteles saltus
Lysiteles spirellus Thomisidae 31, f. 16a-f (Df) Lysiteles spirellus
Lysiteles subdianicus Thomisidae 32, f. 17a-l (Dmf) Lysiteles subdianicus
Lysiteles torsivus Thomisidae 34, f. 18a-e (m) Lysiteles torsivus
Lysiteles transversus Thomisidae 35, f. 19a-l (Dmf) Lysiteles transversus
Lysiteles uniprocessus Thomisidae 37, f. 20a-j (Dmf) Lysiteles uniprocessus
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