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WesoĊ‚owska, W. & Cumming, M. S. (2008). Taxonomy and natural history of a species rich assemblage of jumping spiders (Araneae: Salticidae); a long-term study of a suburban site in Zimbabwe. Annales Zoologici, Warszawa 58: 167-230. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Afraflacilla elegans Salticidae 208, f. 135-143 (Dmf) Pseudicius elegans
Afraflacilla refulgens Salticidae 210, f. 143-152 (Dmf) Pseudicius refulgens
Baryphas ahenus Salticidae 169, f. 2-8 (mf) Baryphas ahenus
Dendryphantes arboretus Salticidae 171, f. 9-15 (Dmf) Dendryphantes arboretus
Dendryphantes hararensis Salticidae 173, f. 16-21 (Dmf) Dendryphantes hararensis
Evarcha ignea Salticidae 175, f. 22-23 (Dm) Evarcha ignea
Evarcha prosimilis Salticidae 179, f. 33-37 (replacement name for m, Df) Evarcha prosimilis
Evarcha zimbabwensis Salticidae 179, f. 38-43 (Dm) Evarcha zimbabwensis
Helafricanus trepidus Salticidae 185, f. 52-54 (m) Heliophanus trepidus
Heliophanus pygmaeus Salticidae 184, f. 50-51 (f) Heliophanus pygmaeus
Hispo georgius Salticidae 186, f. 55-66 (mf, S of Hispo inermis with Hispo georgii, erroneously used younger name) Hispo inermis
Holcolaetis vellerea Salticidae 188, f. 67-70 (mf) Holcolaetis vellerea
Hyllus brevitarsis Salticidae 190, f. 71-74 (f) Hyllus brevitarsis
Langelurillus ignorabilis Salticidae 192, f. 75-78 (Df) Langelurillus ignorabilis
Langelurillus orbicularis Salticidae 192, f. 79-85 (Dmf) Langelurillus orbicularis
Menemerus bifurcus Salticidae 195, f. 86-91 (mf) Menemerus bifurcus
Mexcala elegans Salticidae 197, f. 92-97 (mf, T from Cosmophasis) Mexcala natalensis
Myrmarachne marshalli Salticidae 199, f. 98-106 (mf) Myrmarachne marshalli
Natta horizontalis Salticidae 201, f. 107-109 (mf) Natta horizontalis
Neaetha bulawayoensis Salticidae 202, f. 110-112 (m) Pellenes bulawayoensis
Phintella aequipes Salticidae 203, f. 113-121 (mf, S of Heliophanus clarus) Phintella aequipes
Phlegra procera Salticidae 205, f. 122-130 (Dmf) Phlegra procera
Portia schultzi Salticidae 207, f. 131-134 (mf) Portia schultzi
Rhene cancer Salticidae 212, f. 153-156 (Dm) Rhene cancer
Sonoita lightfooti Salticidae 212, f. 157-163 (mf) Sonoita lightfooti
Thyene australis Salticidae 214, f. 164-170 (mf, S of Thyene magdalenae) Thyene australis
Thyene natalii Salticidae 216, f. 171-177 (mf) Thyene natali
Thyene thyenioides Salticidae 218, f. 178-180 (m) Thyene thyenioides
Thyenula arcana Salticidae 221, f. 188-190 (Df using synonymized generic name; misplaced in this genus, per Wesolowska, Azarkina & Russell-Smith, 2014: 5) Tularosa arcana
Thyenula munda Salticidae 219, f. 181-187 (Dmf) [] Thyenula hortensis
Trapezocephalus infaustus Salticidae 182, f. 44-49 (mf) Heliophanus orchestioides
Tusitala barbata Salticidae 222, f. 192-195 (mf) Tusitala barbata
Vicirionessa mustela Salticidae 176, f. 24-32 (mf, T from Viciria, S of Viciria morigera) Evarcha mustela
Xuriella prima Salticidae 224, f. 196-204 (m, Df) Xuriella prima
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