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Wishart, G. & Rowell, D. M. (2008). Trapdoor spiders of the genus Misgolas (Mygalomorphae: Idiopidae) from eastern New South Wales, with notes on genetic variation. Records of the Australian Museum 60: 45-86. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Arbanitis baehrae Idiopidae 74, f. 18A-J (Dm) Misgolas baehrae
Arbanitis billsheari Idiopidae 72, f. 17A-J (Dm) Misgolas billsheari
Arbanitis browningi Idiopidae 79, f. 21A-H (Dm) Misgolas browningi
Arbanitis campbelli Idiopidae 55, f. 6A-I (Dm) Misgolas campbelli
Arbanitis crawfordorum Idiopidae 65, f. 13A-J (Dmf) Misgolas crawfordorum
Arbanitis davidwilsoni Idiopidae 64, f. 12A-F (Dm) Misgolas davidwilsoni
Arbanitis dougweiri Idiopidae 52, f. 4A-H (Dm) Misgolas dougweiri
Arbanitis fredcoylei Idiopidae 71, f. 16A-F (Dm) Misgolas fredcoylei
Arbanitis grayi Idiopidae 76, f. 20A-I (Dmf) Misgolas grayi
Arbanitis helensmithae Idiopidae 58, f. 8A-J (Dm) Misgolas helensmithae
Arbanitis linklateri Idiopidae 80, f. 22A-G (Dm) Misgolas linklateri
Arbanitis macei Idiopidae 75, f. 19A-F (Dm) Misgolas macei
Arbanitis maxhicksi Idiopidae 54, f. 5A-H (Dm) Misgolas maxhicksi
Arbanitis milledgei Idiopidae 81, f. 23A-H (Dm) Misgolas milledgei
Arbanitis mudfordae Idiopidae 48, f. 1A-J (Dm) Misgolas mudfordae
Arbanitis rapax Idiopidae 85 (S of M. hubbardi) Misgolas rapax
Arbanitis raveni Idiopidae 69, f. 15A-G (Dm) Misgolas raveni
Arbanitis sydjordanae Idiopidae 62, f. 11A-H (Dm) Misgolas sydjordanae
Arbanitis taiti Idiopidae 61, f. 10A-F (Dm) Misgolas taiti
Arbanitis tarnawskiae Idiopidae 51, f. 3A-H (Dm) Misgolas tarnawskiae
Arbanitis thompsonae Idiopidae 49, f. 2A-H (Dm) Misgolas thompsonae
Arbanitis watsonorum Idiopidae 67, f. 14A-H (Dmf) Misgolas watsonorum
Arbanitis weigelorum Idiopidae 60, f. 9A-F (Dm) Misgolas weigelorum
Arbanitis yorkmainae Idiopidae 57, f. 7A-J (Dm) Misgolas yorkmainae
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