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Wunderlich, J. (2008a). Descriptions of fossil spider (Araneae) taxa mainly in Baltic amber, as well as on certain related extant taxa. Beitr├Ąge zur Araneologie 5: 44-139, 803-804, 813-818. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Enoplognatha melanicruciata Theridiidae 94 (Tm from Meta) Enoplognatha melanicruciata
Meta qianshanensis Tetragnathidae 98, f. 20-21 (m) Meta qianshanensis
Metellina merianae Tetragnathidae 95, f. 18, 19a-b (m) Meta merianae
Metellina minima Tetragnathidae 95, f. 17 (m; may belong to Metellina) Meta minima
Microsynotaxus calliope Physoglenidae 134, f. 15-17 (Dm) Microsynotaxus calliope
Microsynotaxus insolens Physoglenidae 133, f. 8-14 (Dmf) Microsynotaxus insolens
Nanoa enana Pimoidae 127, f. 2-5 (mf) Nanoa enana
Orchestina codalmasi Oonopidae 59, f. 4-8 (Dm; preoccupied by Denis, 1956) Orchestina dalmasi
Putaoa huaping Pimoidae 112, f. 8-9 (m) Putaoa huaping
Sinopimoa bicolor Linyphiidae 118, f. 1a-b (m) Sinopimoa bicolor
Weintrauboa contortipes Pimoidae 112, f. 6-7 (m) Weintrauboa contortipes
Genus Family Page
Microsynotaxus Wunderlich, 2008 Physoglenidae 133