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Gnelitsa, V. A. (2009a). A survey of Crimean Linyphiidae (Aranei). 1. On seven rare and little known linyphiids from Crimea. Arthropoda Selecta 17: 191-202. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Canariphantes nanus Linyphiidae 191, f. 1a-g (mf) Canariphantes nanus
Crosbyarachne bukovskyi Linyphiidae 193, f. 2a-i (mf, Sm of Tapinocyba korgei) Crosbyarachne bukovskyi
Microctenonyx subitaneus Linyphiidae 195, f. 4a-g (m) Microctenonyx subitaneus
Panamomops fedotovi Linyphiidae 196, f. 5a-g (mf) Panamomops fedotovi
Staveleya pusilla Linyphiidae 193, f. 3a-g (mf) Hypsocephalus dahli
Theonina kratochvili Linyphiidae 199, f. 6a-i (mf) Theonina kratochvili
Trichoncoides piscator Linyphiidae 201, f. 7a-f (mf) Trichoncoides piscator
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