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Hepner, M. & Paulus, H. F. (2009). Contributions on the wolf spider fauna (Araneae, Lycosidae) of Gran Canaria (Spain). Bulletin of the British Arachnological Society 14(8): 339-346. doi:10.13156/arac.2009.14.8.339 download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Alopecosa artenarensis Lycosidae 339, f. 2-3 (f) Alopecosa artenarensis
Alopecosa grancanariensis Lycosidae 339, f. 4-7 (mf) Alopecosa grancanariensis
Arctosa lacustris Lycosidae 340, f. 8-10 (mf) Arctosa lacustris
Arctosa similis Lycosidae 341, f. 11-13 (mf) Arctosa similis
Hogna ferox Lycosidae 341, f. 14-16 (mf) Hogna ferox
Pardosa proxima Lycosidae 342, f. 17-19 (mf; per Isaia et al., 2018: 15 not possible to decide if it is P. proxima or P. tenuipes) Pardosa proxima
Wadicosa fidelis Lycosidae 343, f. 20-22 (mf) Wadicosa fidelis
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