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Miller, J. A., Griswold, C. E. & Yin, C. M. (2009). The symphytognathoid spiders of the Gaoligongshan, Yunnan, China (Araneae, Araneoidea): systematics and diversity of micro-orbweavers. ZooKeys 11: 9-195. doi:10.3897/zookeys.11.160 download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Baalzebub nemesis Theridiosomatidae 24, f. 3E, 8A (Df) Baalzebub nemesis
Chanea suukyii Mysmenidae 54, f. 48A-D, 49A-C, 50A-C, 51A-D, 52A-F (Dmf) Chanea suukyii
Coddingtonia euryopoides Theridiosomatidae 30, f. 8B, 11E-F (Df) Coddingtonia euryopoides
Crassignatha ertou Symphytognathidae 74, f. 86D-F, 88A-B, 89A-B (Dmf) Crassignatha ertou
Crassignatha gudu Symphytognathidae 75, f. 89C-D (Df) Crassignatha gudu
Crassignatha pianma Symphytognathidae 70, f. 67I, 74A-E, 75A-B, 76A-B, 77A-F, 78A-D, 79A-B (Dmf) Crassignatha pianma
Crassignatha quanqu Symphytognathidae 72, f. 76E-G, 78F, 79E-F, 83A-E, 84A-B, 85A-F (Dmf) Crassignatha quanqu
Crassignatha yamu Symphytognathidae 73, f. 76H-I, 86A-C, 87A-B (Dmf) Crassignatha yamu
Crassignatha yinzhi Symphytognathidae 71, f. 76C-D, 78E, 79C-D, 80A-E, 81A-B, 82A-F (Dmf) Crassignatha yinzhi
Epeirotypus dalong Theridiosomatidae 22, f. 2A-C, 3A-B (Dmf) Epeirotypus dalong
Gaiziapis zhizhuba Anapidae 60, f. 50I, 59A-F, 60A-B, 61A-F, 62A-F, 63A-F (Dmf) Gaiziapis zhizhuba
Gaoligonga changya Mysmenidae 48, f. 38A-E, 39A-B, 40A-F, 41A-F, 42A-F, 43A-C (Dmf) Gaoligonga changya
Gaoligonga zhusun Mysmenidae 50, f. 43D-E, 44A-E, 45A-B, 46A-F, 47A-F (Dmf) Gaoligonga zhusun
Mosu huogou Mysmenidae 53, f. 43H-I (Df) Mosu huogou
Mosu nujiang Mysmenidae 52, f. 43F-G (Df) Mosu nujiang
Mysmena bizi Mysmenidae 37, f. 21D-E, 22A-E, 23A-B, 24A-F, 25A-F (Dmf) Mysmena bizi
Mysmena changouzi Mysmenidae 35, f. 11G-I, 15A-E, 16A-B, 17A-F, 18A-C, 19A-F (Dmf) Mysmena changouzi
Mysmena goudao Mysmenidae 39, f. 21F-H, 27A-E, 28A-B, 29A-F (Dmf) Mysmena goudao
Mysmena haban Mysmenidae 40, f. 21I (Df) Mysmena haban
Mysmena jinlong Mysmenidae 37, f. 15F-H, 18D, 21A-C (Df) Mysmena jinlong
Mysmena shibali Mysmenidae 41, f. 27F-H, 30A-C, 31A-B (Df) Mysmena shibali
Ogulnius barbandrewsi Theridiosomatidae 23, f. 3C-D, 4A-G, 5A-F, 6A-D (Dmf) Ogulnius barbandrewsi
Patu jidanweishi Symphytognathidae 64, f. 65A-E, 66A-B, 67A-D, 68A-F, 69A-F, 70A-F, 71A-F (Dmf) Patu jidanweishi
Patu qiqi Symphytognathidae 66, f. 65F-H, 67E-F, 73A-B (Dmf) Patu qiqi
Patu xiaoxiao Symphytognathidae 67, f. 67G-H (Df) Patu xiaoxiao
Simaoa bianjing Mysmenidae 46, f. 31I (Df) Simaoa bianjing
Simaoa kavanaugh Mysmenidae 44, f. 31E-F, 35A-E, 36A-B, 37A-F (Dmf) Simaoa kavanaugh
Simaoa maku Mysmenidae 46, f. 31G-H (Df) Simaoa maku
Simaoa yaojia Mysmenidae 43, f. 30D, 31C-D, 32A-E, 33A-B, 34A-F (Dmf) Simaoa yaojia
Swilda longtou Symphytognathidae 76, f. 89E-F, 90A-C, 91A-F, 92A-D (Df) Crassignatha longtou
Theridiosoma diwang Theridiosomatidae 25, f. 3F-G, 8C-E, 9A-F (Df) Theridiosoma diwang
Theridiosoma shuangbi Theridiosomatidae 26, f. 3H-I (Df) Theridiosoma shuangbi
Wendilgarda muji Theridiosomatidae 28, f. 11C-D, 12A-G, 13E-F, 14A-F (Dmf) Wendilgarda muji
Yamaneta kehen Mysmenidae 57, f. 50G-H (Df) Maymena kehen
Yamaneta paquini Mysmenidae 55, f. 50D-F, 53A-E, 54A-B, 55A-F, 56A-F, 57A-F (Dmf) Maymena paquini
Zoma dibaiyin Theridiosomatidae 27, f. 10A-F, 11A-B, 13A-D (Dmf) Zoma dibaiyin
Genus Family Page
Chanea Miller, Griswold & Yin, 2009 Mysmenidae 54
Coddingtonia Miller, Griswold & Yin, 2009 Theridiosomatidae 30
Gaiziapis Miller, Griswold & Yin, 2009 Anapidae 60
Gaoligonga Miller, Griswold & Yin, 2009 Mysmenidae 47
Mosu Miller, Griswold & Yin, 2009 Mysmenidae 51
Simaoa Miller, Griswold & Yin, 2009 Mysmenidae 42