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Ono, H. & Ban, M. (2009). Oxyopidae, Philodromidae. In: Ono, H. (ed.) The spiders of Japan with keys to the families and genera and illustrations of the species. Tokai University Press, Kanagawa, pp. 249-250, 476-481. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Oxyopes koreanus Oxyopidae 249, f. 6-8 (mf) Oxyopes koreanus
Oxyopes licenti Oxyopidae 249, f. 12-14 (mf) Oxyopes licenti
Oxyopes macilentus Oxyopidae 249, f. 9-11 (mf) Oxyopes macilentus
Oxyopes saganus Oxyopidae 250, f. 15-16 (m) Oxyopes saganus
Oxyopes sertatus Oxyopidae 249, f. 1-5 (mf) Oxyopes sertatus
Philodromus aureolus Philodromidae 479, f. 34-35 (mf) Philodromus aureolus
Philodromus auricomus Philodromidae 479, f. 50-54 (mf) Philodromus auricomus
Philodromus cespitum Philodromidae 479, f. 37-38 (mf) Philodromus cespitum
Philodromus emarginatus Philodromidae 479, f. 42-44 (mf) Philodromus emarginatus
Philodromus margaritatus Philodromidae 479, f. 58-61 (mf) Philodromus margaritatus
Philodromus nigrostriatipes Philodromidae 479, f. 45-46 (f) Philodromus nigrostriatipes
Philodromus rufus Philodromidae 479, f. 47-49 (mf) Philodromus rufus
Philodromus spinitarsis Philodromidae 481, f. 62-63 (mf) Philodromus spinitarsis
Philodromus subaureolus Philodromidae 479, f. 39-41 (mf) Philodromus subaureolus
Rhysodromus lanchowensis Philodromidae 479, f. 55-57 (mf) Philodromus lanchowensis
Thanatus arcticus Philodromidae 476, f. 5-9 (mf) Thanatus arcticus
Thanatus bungei Philodromidae 476, f. 16-19 (mf) Thanatus bungei
Thanatus miniaceus Philodromidae 476, f. 1-3 (mf) Thanatus miniaceus
Thanatus nipponicus Philodromidae 476, f. 10-15 (mf) Thanatus nipponicus
Thanatus roseofemoralis Philodromidae 476, f. 4 (Tf from Philodromus) Thanatus roseofemoralis
Tibellus fengi Philodromidae 478, f. 28-33 (mf) Tibellus fengi
Tibellus japonicus Philodromidae 478, f. 24-27 (mf) Tibellus japonicus
Tibellus oblongus Philodromidae 477, f. 20-23 (mf) Tibellus oblongus
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