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Platnick, N. I. & Dupérré, N. (2009c). The goblin spider genus Heteroonops (Araneae, Oonopidae), with notes on Oonops. American Museum Novitates 3672: 1-72. doi:10.1206/690.1 download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Heteroonops andros Oonopidae 38, f. 169-175 (Df) Heteroonops andros
Heteroonops castelloides Oonopidae 48, f. 242-259 (Dmf) Heteroonops castelloides
Heteroonops castellus Oonopidae 48, f. 260-253 (Tmf from Oonops, S) Heteroonops castellus
Heteroonops croix Oonopidae 64, f. 365-381 (Dmf) Heteroonops croix
Heteroonops iviei Oonopidae 41, f. 212-221 (Dm) Heteroonops iviei
Heteroonops macaque Oonopidae 71, f. 401-410 (Dm) Heteroonops macaque
Heteroonops murphyorum Oonopidae 34, f. 148-168 (Dmf) Heteroonops murphyorum
Heteroonops saba Oonopidae 64, f. 382-400 (Dmf) Heteroonops saba
Heteroonops singulus Oonopidae 34, f. 140-147 (Tf from Oonops) Heteroonops singulus
Heteroonops spinigata Oonopidae 40, f. 176-184 (Df) Heteroonops spinigata
Heteroonops spinimanus Oonopidae 22, f. 79-139 (mf, S of Matyotia tetraspinosus and Oonopinus hunus) Heteroonops spinimanus
Heteroonops toro Oonopidae 63, f. 354-364 (Dm) Heteroonops toro
Heteroonops validus Oonopidae 45, f. 222-241 (Tm from Oonops, Df) Heteroonops validus
Heteroonops vega Oonopidae 41, f. 185-211 (Dmf) Heteroonops vega
Oonops pulcher Oonopidae 5, f. 1-78 (mf) Oonops pulcher
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