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Seyyar, O., Ayyildiz, N. & Top├žu, A. (2009). Description of a new species of the genus Nomisia Dalmas, 1921 (Araneae: Gnaphosidae) from Turkey with some faunistical remarks. Zootaxa 2006: 62-68. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Nomisia conigera Gnaphosidae 63, f. 3-12 (Dmf) [] Nomisia anatolica
Nomisia exornata Gnaphosidae 64, f. 1 (f) Nomisia exornata
Nomisia orientalis Gnaphosidae 65, f. 13-20 (mf) Nomisia orientalis
Nomisia ripariensis Gnaphosidae 64, f. 2 (f) Nomisia ripariensis
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