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Slowik, J. (2009). A review of the cellar spider genus Psilochorus Simon 1893 in America north of Mexico (Araneae: Pholcidae). Zootaxa 2144: 1-53. doi:10.11646/zootaxa.2144.1.1 download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Psilochorus acanthus Pholcidae 7, f. 5-14 (mf) Psilochorus acanthus
Psilochorus apicalis Pholcidae 8, f. 15-27 (m, Sf) Psilochorus apicalis
Psilochorus bantus Pholcidae 10, f. 28-36 (mf) Psilochorus bantus
Psilochorus californiae Pholcidae 11, f. 37-46 (m, Df) Psilochorus californiae
Psilochorus coloradensis Pholcidae 16, f. 1, 47-55 (Dmf) Psilochorus coloradensis
Psilochorus concolor Pholcidae 16, f. 56-66 (Dmf) Psilochorus concolor
Psilochorus cornutus Pholcidae 9 (nomen dubium) Psilochorus cornutus
Psilochorus hesperus Pholcidae 19, f. 67-76 (mf) Psilochorus hesperus
Psilochorus hooki Pholcidae 21, f. 77-81 (Dm) Psilochorus hooki
Psilochorus imitatus Pholcidae 22, f. 2-4, 82-91 (mf) Psilochorus imitatus
Psilochorus inyo Pholcidae 28, f. 92-98 (Dm) Psilochorus inyo
Psilochorus pallidulus Pholcidae 31, f. 99-107 (m, Sf) Psilochorus pallidulus
Psilochorus papago Pholcidae 31, f. 108-117 (mf) Psilochorus papago
Psilochorus pullulus Pholcidae 33, f. 118-127 (mf) Psilochorus pullulus
Psilochorus redemptus Pholcidae 35, f. 128-137 (mf) Psilochorus redemptus
Psilochorus rockefelleri Pholcidae 38, f. 138-147 (f, Dm) Psilochorus rockefelleri
Psilochorus simoni Pholcidae 39, f. 148-157 (mf, S) Psilochorus simoni
Psilochorus texanus Pholcidae 41, f. 158-166 (Dmf) Psilochorus texanus
Psilochorus topanga Pholcidae 43, f. 167-175 (mf) Psilochorus topanga
Psilochorus utahensis Pholcidae 44, f. 176-186 (mf) Psilochorus utahensis
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